A Step Forward For Emergency Loan Solutions


Fastest Turnaround Time To Release Emergency Funds

With Casha's well-streamlined business operations, we are able to deliver the quickest lead time for fund releasing to date in the country. Our members are able to receive their much-needed money just within 24 hours!


Safe, Accessible Loan And Fund Management Tools

Casha takes pride in our smart technology and are very proud to be able to provide our members with reliable offline and online tools that would make their loan applications and payment transactions convenient and easy.


Smart Credit Scoring

We, at Casha, are advocates of financial responsibility and we encourage our members to loan and manage their money in a smart way. We carefully assess our members' credit worthiness and makes sure that we help them with their monetary needs while preventing them from being stuck in the cycle of bad loans. 


Exclusive Rewards and Special Privileges for Members

Our members get to indulge in an array of exclusive perks for being part of the Casha circle. We want them to enjoy a headache-free financial lifestyle that's made even more rewarding by our enticing and relevant customer loyalty programs.