Why Choose Casha

Casha offers a safe and secure lending facility to employees who are in need of quick financial assistance.

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Your Ultimate Salary Loan Partner

Empower your employees with an easy, swift and reliable salary loan program!

Get Your Salary Loan Within Hours

Get your salary loan, any time, any where and get it approved within hours!

Our Comptetive Edge

Quick and Easy

No setup fee and tedious management of credits and settlements

Immediate emergency loan access within hours.

Employees’ Benefits

Casha being an enticing addition to their employees’ benefits

Employees are each given a Visa Debit Card and enjoy cashless transactions online and in-store.

Cashless Transactions

Company will not have to use their own cash reserves to grant salary loans

Electronic money-management tools via the Casha App.

Ways to Grant Salary Loans

Pre-approved Application

All regular employees of a Casha’s business partner are already pre-approved.

Casha Circle Community

Employees will be invited to be a member of the Casha Circle Community.

Member’s Portal

Members will be given access to Casha’s online portal where loan requests can be submitted.

Casha Loan

Once loan is approved, requested fund will then be loaded to borrower’s Casha account and is redeemable via the Casha card.

Be our accredited partner!

Empower your people now with a reliable and accessible financial assistance program.