You’ve read this kind of article before, but you can’t help but to come back and read advice on how to keep your employees happy. Whether it’s a well-deserved raise, career growth, or employee benefits like emergency loans, it is essential to always find ways to keep your employees happy and content.

But how do you do this? The filipino workforce has been evolving, and their needs are changing. Here are simple yet modern ways on how to keep your best employees:

Incentivize Good Behavior

“Late ako kasi traffic sa EDSA!” You can write a book of classic late excuses, but you can’t seem to shake off the amount of late employees you get in a month. Instead of just filling memos for frequent late comers, why not incentivize early birds for a job well done? Even simple Gift Certificates for perfect attendance every month can encourage people to come on time more often. Gamify good behavior and you will get more determined employees. After all, positive reinforcement is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve employee happiness and effectiveness. 

Don’t Give Them a Chance to be Poached

There is always that one employee who performs better than everyone else. They go above and beyond their actual tasks and have actually made your company more profitable than before. But you never gave them a raise or a promotion, you just kept them there because they are “sulit”. Now they accepted another offer from a competitor, with a higher pay and and better career growth. Does this scenario sound familiar? That’s because it happens to most companies in the Philippines. Don’t give your competitors the chance to poach your best employees. Recognize talent when you see it, and do the proactive thing and give them what they deserve. 

Give Them Benefits

They Need Our employees are people too. And each employee has different needs. From medical benefits down to just simple vacation leaves, employees tend to stay more with companies that offer more benefits. One good example is having your employees have access to emergency loans. Especially during typhoon season in the Philippines, your employees are more prone to accidents might need the money right away. Therefore, getting emergency loan services like Casha, which give your employees instant and guaranteed emergency loans within 24 hours will relieve your workforce of stress and worries during crisis. 

Secured employees are happy employees. 

Listen When They Speak Up

One of the main reasons why employees leave is because they feel like they are not heard. It is important to proactively check on your staff from time to time. It doesn’t have to feel like an interrogation, just a friendly conversation of how they are doing and how you can help them. Remember that employees are not just expendable people who make you money, they are your workforce. You will not be able to succeed without them.