Every company aspires to have a workforce that’s empowered. Having good employees drives the growth and innovation of the company. Also, they nurture other employees to become performers just like themselves. Once the we get to employ them, we then try our best to make them stay long, just because of how beneficial and sustainable it is for our company. However, most companies would struggle on how to keep their top performers. We listed down five (5) of the most common reasons why good employees leave the company. Lack of direction Even if you are currently doing good in your business, the lack of the ‘next step’ might affect your employee’s performance. Employees trust that the company would take a solid direction, or at least become really decisive in planning and envisioning the future of the company. Employees who feel that their company is ‘lost’, might feel discouraged about being committed, and in the end might leave for good. 

Lack of trust and teamwork

Great businesses are built not by a single person, but by a group. A great team comprises of people willing to do everything that they can to take the business to the next level. Being left out of the group, or having no team spirit at all, can be detrimental for your employees. Petty office politics would then start to creep in, and in turn might burn-out your employees.

Stagnant growth in their career 

A stagnant career is one of the most common reasons why people leave a company. Top performers like to challenge themselves to great lengths. And if a role is not challenging enough for them to grow, chances are they are gonna look for another one. Having a reasonable end-goal for them to achieve may help them decide to longer. 

Lack of reasonable incentives and wages

For most employees, they would want a job for one thing: a steady income. Top performers aren’t so different. Their only difference is that they take the extra mile for other reasons than income. But don’t let this stop you from giving them a reasonable bonus for a job well done. Even the most skilled workers will jump from company to company just because they would want to earn more in the long run. 

Lack of pro-employee programs

Most companies already know the benefits of having pro-employee programs; it helps drive motivation and supports the welfare of their employees in various ways. Be it granting access to financial funds, unique incentive trips, or just even the basic health care, employees will always appreciate non-monetary benefits from their employers. There’s no reason not to, as your employees are the foundation of your company.

It’s no secret that the best companies around the world have been, and are currently driven by good and empowered employees. It takes a great leader to make profit, but a great team to make innovation. 

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.“ – Steve Jobs