Casha’s promise for Salary Loans

We firmly believe that the most successful companies are driven by passionate employees. Employees that care and have values that are aligned to the company tend to give 101% more effort, thus delivering more than what is expected. Of course, for a couple of years, companies have already understood this concept and are now implementing employee centric programs to delight their work force. 

Casha’s aim is the same

Our founders understood one thing clearly: financial instability is the leading cause of work-related stress. One probably reason why the current government is fighting contractual employment, is that they don’t want the filipino workforce to be bothered with financial instability. This very same instability is what breaks most local companies as employees don’t feel compelled to work as hard as they were if they don’t have a definite financial future. Casha aims to bridge the gap by the use of financial technology. 

Why does this matter to us?

As Filipinos, the overall incremental growth of local companies means that our country would be more prosperous than ever. Helping employees will trickle down to the macro scale: driven employees help grow companies, which in turn help make sustainable growth in our economy. We care because we ourselves are filipinos. In return, we ask for a decent interest rate for an unparalleled turn-around time.